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Patent Clearance (Product or Process)

Dr. Dwight Back has over 20 patents to his name.  Although not a patent attorney, he writes patent applications and provides patent guidance.

There are less than professional companies  out there that claim to help inventors, but really are just a referral service for patent attorneys.  In contrast, NuTecDev, LLC allows you to benefit from Dr. Back’s real-life experience with how patents really work.  He searches for a clear path for your particular idea to gain patent approval.  He can uncover other processes or products that my be similar.  If truly feasible, he will prepare a patent application.  Only then will you need to enlist a patent agent or patent attorney for what will likely be a very quick review.

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INVENTION, FEASIBILITY - "What is the likelihood of success with this new Medical Device or Cosmetic product?"

Product Safety and Materials

NuTecDev, LLC’ puts safety at the top of the product development checklist.  Our experts utilize in-depth Biological and Chemical Engineering knowledge and research to consider:

--Packaging & Product Selection of Materials


--Toxicology Risks

--Processing Equipment Needs

*** World-Class Expertise in SILICONE:  NuTecDev, LLC has special experience with silicone forms for moulds to shape the product, as well as with various silicones for the product or device itself***

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Market Analysis

Whether you have experience in creating a new product or not, you likely already appreciate the value of having "fresh eyes" for a review of your concept early on.  Usually this saves time and money, besides possibly providing you with additional ideas.

Michele Gardill, P.E., MBA, has many years experience launching both cosmetic and medical devices.  Some of these products resulted in multimillion dollar annual revenues.  Given this background, she examines how your new product idea will affect the present marketplace, while also considering the competitive products' status.  She can provide a predictive summary of how your new idea will do in terms of profitability and marketshare.

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