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Technical Guidance, Testing, and Evaluation

If you are at a very early stage in your product development, NuTecDev, LLC can guide your development efforts from a technical standpoint to ensure the design becomes as robust as possible. This means fewer problems and lower cost going forward.   We can, for example, suggest especially robust materials or processing methods that will help avoid problems once manufacture starts.  Or, if justified, use computer-aided design methods.

For later stages of product development, we can identify troublesome areas and work to eliminate them--whether the root cause stems from materials, methods, processing, or something else. Perhaps you have already collected data on the problems but have not yet been able to resolve the issues.  More than likely, we can help. 

If you are at validation stage, preparing agency submissions (chemistry, mechanical, biocompatibility/toxicology), or even responding to regulatory questions, we can support those efforts with solid technical input. 

*** World-Class Expertise in SILICONE:  NuTecDev, LLC has special experience with silicone forms for moulds to shape the product, as well as with various silicones for the product or device itself***

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NuTecDev, LLC to give practical, meaningful direction at this critical stage Troubleshooting and Optimization

With decades of experience in bringing new products to launch, NuTecDev, LLC, has likely already encountered a problem similar to what you may be facing with your product.  Chances are very good that we can efficiently resolve the issue.  We are expert at pinpointing the root cause of a problem and overcoming it.

If development has not been thorough during earlier stages, it is often unfortunately just before Startup that gaps become painfully obvious.  NuTecDev, LLC can join in at this critical stage to give experienced, practical direction.  We strive to ensure that everything is in order to produce reliable products that you are confident in.
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ENGINEERING - "Can We Make This More Efficiently? Better?"

Design of Experiments

Great product development means that you gain a full understanding of the factors that make your product work successfully, as well as knowledge of what factors can make it fail (so you can prevent failures.)

NuTecDev, LLC develops experimental plans (usually abbreviated "DOE" for Design of Experiments) so that the factors affecting your product design can be understood.  We provide very simple, quick experimental designs or more comprehensive plans, however your particular needs dictate.  Additionally, we can usually run the experiments themselves and/or evaluate and report the results.

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