From medical devices to high tech projects for NASA, Dr. Back has solved technical problems and made commercial successes possible.  During recent years, he is proud to have worked on a new type of breast implant that  has won FDA and Health-Canada approvals (EU is also pending.)  This new Class III device is now being manufactured and distributed.

Dr. Back has worked with top government laboratories, doctors, and universities as well as very small start-ups and very large (Fortune 100) companies.  He holds a bachelor's degree from University of Dayton, and both a Master's and Ph.D from University of Notre Dame. 

His approach to solving problems is unique because he does not rely on "canned" methods.  Instead, his deep grasp of engineering fundamentals allows Dr. Back to find unique--often quicker and more comprehensive--ways to determine the root cause of problems and then to efficiently overcome those issues.  This approach leads to a very thorough understanding of "what makes your product tick." Often, this means that you will avoid further problems, and know the answers to regulatory questions even before they are asked. Sometimes too, this approach can lead to better, more robust design ideas.

Dr. Back is an inventor on numerous international and US patents (over 25 to date.)  He is also the author of invention disclosures in many fields, including medical devices, medical device manufacturing processes, high tech materials, polymers, etc.  To see more detail, please click here. 

Dr. Back offers his expertise to guide you toward an appropriate, patentable design for your invention.  Contact us today to learn more!

Medical Device + Cosmetics: Invention, Engineering, Prototypes.

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