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what we do:

About NuTecDev,LLC:  First, we want you to know that we value confidentiality and will handle your ideas with professionalism.  Second, we have been responsible for getting new products from the very early "ideation" stage all the way to manufacturing, many times.  Together with our team, you can rest assured that your new product will be developed efficiently and with integrity.

Medical Device Invention, Medical Device Engineering and Medical Device Prototype,  plus COSMETICS INVENTION, ENGINEERING AND PROTOTYPE SERVICES.

NuTecDev, LLC  is who to trust.



We offer 4 major categories of services.  These are outlined below:

INVENTION, FEASIBILITY - "What is the likelihood of success with this new Medical Device or Cosmetic product?"
Patent Clearance, Materials Selection, Market Analysis, & More

ENGINEERING - "Can We Make This More Efficiently? Better?"
Technical Guidance, DOE (Design of Experiments),  Troubleshooting, & More

PROTOTYPES - "What Does This Idea Really Look Like?"
What you need to go from Initial Sketch to a Working Prototype

REGULATORY FILINGS - "What to Do to Gain Approval"
International Regulatory Support by Region for both Medical Devices and Cosmetics, including Classes I-III Medical Devices

We use the following Agreement to ensure  2-way non-disclosure.  Please feel free to use this form before disclosing anything about your new product ideas:

our services, in detail:

Medical Devices and Cosmetics are the industries we know best.  We specialize in product development for both of these industries, relying on decades of experience from our principal owners as well as our trusted team. If you want to develop a new medical device or cosmetic product, you have reached the right place.  We provide customized technical results, tailored for your particular project. 

You can rest assured that your ideas are treated with professionalism and integrity.  We value our customers' continued trust and do everything possible to maintain that trust.

our services, in brief:

Below is a recent Press Release:

Experts Offer Patent Clearance and Engineering for Medical Device and Cosmetics Invention

Medical device and cosmetics invention just got easier.  Medical device and cosmetics experts launch new website to provide engineering and related services.

Satellite Beach, Florida, U.S.A., July 7, 2016 - (PressReleasePoint) Medical device invention and engineering has notoriously been complex and time-consuming.  Cosmetics invention and engineering is significantly less rigorous.  But the division is becoming smaller between the two fields, especially since cosmetics are becoming more complex.  Medical device and cosmetics experts, Dr. Dwight Back and Michele R. Gardill, P.E., are proud to announce the launch of NuTecDev, LLC.  This is a company that offers services ranging from initial concept evaluation through detailed product development to new product production readiness.  Additional services include patent clearance, prototyping, and regulatory filings.  NuTecDev’s new website provides information for doctors and others who have an idea for a new medical device or cosmetic, but who realize they need professional help to succeed.

The medical device and cosmetics fields are merging, and Dr. Back and Ms. Gardill offer the unique qualification of experience in both fields. Dr. Back has over 20 patents to his name, and has just recently helped a doctor bring a medical device idea to fruition.  After years of prototype work, engineering, and regulatory submissions, the FDA has approved the new device and it is now in full manufacture and launch! 

At the new website, there is discussion of Dr. Back’s deep background in Chemical Engineering, and his creative yet fundamental approach to problem solving.  There are links and photos of Dr. Back’s patented medical device inventions.  And there is more about his expertise in: patent clearance, materials selection, design of experiments, silicone technology, and more. 

Ms. Gardill has engineering experience with medical device giant J&J as well as global cosmetics company Mary Kay, Inc, just to name a few.  She has managed engineering departments as well as product development and project management teams.

In both the cosmetics and medical device areas, Ms. Gardill has spearheaded dozens of successful product launches. Usually these efforts spanned from initial marketing analysis through product design and engineering, into processing equipment selection and finally manufacturing and product launch.  Several of these products yield multimillion dollar annual revenues. 

Since cosmetics products are becoming more and more complex, the FDA (and other international regulatory bodies such as Health-Canada, etc.) are noticing that many “cosmetics” actually should be classified as medical devices.  It is common for new individual inventors or start-up companies to be unsure of how their new cosmetic or medical device will be classified.  In order to efficiently develop a new product, it is crucial to understand the classification and related requirements as early as possible.

About NuTecDev, LLC:

NuTecDev, LLC was formed to help individuals and start-ups to clarify uncertainties along the road to product launch, and to provide guidance on specific technical aspects of medical device and cosmetics development.  The team that Dr. Back and Ms. Gardill have selected to join NuTecDev, LLC is made up of trusted experts with substantial experience in their fields.  NuTecDev, LLC is eager to make the road to better new devices and cosmetics quicker, easier, and more efficient all around.  NuTecDev’s website address is

Press Contact:
Michele Gardill, P.E.
NuTecDev, LLC
575 Highway A1A
Satellite Beach, FL  32937


NuTecDev,LLCprovides engineering, technical, and business help for clients who want to develop a new product in the Medical Device or Cosmetics industries.  These clients are doctors or other medical professionals, cosmetics developers, start-ups or small- to large-cap companies.

Who We Are: Dwight D. Back, Ph.D. and Michele R. Gardill, PE, MBA, are partners and the principals of this company.  They founded NuTecDev,LLC to offer trustworthy product development services (shown in the chart above) to people who want to develop a new medical device or cosmetic, but who realize that this is best accomplished with experienced guidance and support.  Dr. Back and Ms. Gardill, along with their team of trusted professionals, provide that guidance and support.